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Why Redemption?

When deciding to write this article, I began thinking of how I was going to tell this rather long story of how God prepared me, and gave me the vision for this brand. But to be honest, most of that doesn’t matter. The truth is nobody’s redemption story is ever over.

Let me share the heart behind starting up this company – it all boils down to a simple yet profound inspiration. You see, I've been a firsthand witness to the incredible ways in which God has not only turned around many parts of my life but the lives of friends and others around me. All along this journey, it's become clear that He's had a unique vision and a perfect plan designed for me, asking only for my trust in return. Just like I continue to see the redemption of my life, I have set out to help others find redemption in the various challenges they face everyday.

My Summarized Story

As I navigated my teenage and young adult years, I came to realize that joining in on many of the typical activities that other young people were doing was often harmful and not in the perfect life plan God had for me. However, I would blind myself to this realization and pursue these activities all for a little “fun”. But it wasn’t all fun. Sure God still used me in those years and I built some great relationships and made some amazing memories, but at the end of the day, I was often left feeling empty. Thank God I still had hope.

Over years of pursuing God (and often failing) and discovering what life with him can look like, I’ve wanted to try and get as close to that perfect plan as possible. I am NOWHERE NEAR perfect. But I know, without a doubt, that I serve a God that constantly redeems and changes lives.

Redemption Ride’s Redemption Story

Knowing that many people wouldn't relate to the Christian message of redemption, I launched this brand with a focus on all of the other instances in life where we experience the power of redemption. Whether it be a comeback story in sports, a redeeming moment in a relationship, giving a second chance to a friend, etc. This positive and relatable message of Redemption Ride has resonated with many. Furthermore, I've come to realize the greater impact this brand could have by embracing the very God who served as its inspiration.

In light of this story now being shared with you all, I am excited to expand the variety of redemption stories being shared on our social media to include more faith focused stories. I have been greatly encouraged to see how this brand has already impacted the lives of others and I look forward to inspiring this growing community.

I am also thrilled to announce the exclusive release of our “Redeemed Tee”, as seen below, for all of you who can relate to this message of God led redemption. If you want to get your hands on this shirt, make sure you come between Friday September 1st and Sunday September 10th for its limited time sale!

Talk soon!


Founder and Owner of Redemption Ride

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