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The Adventure That Is Nelson BC

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

"Some might call it a hobby, others a passion, and others an addiction."

Photo Taken By: Aiden Croskrey

And so, the adventure begins! I first arrived in Nelson on September 4th and was immediately just in awe of the fact that I was actually there. From the old buildings, to the mountains, to beautiful Kootenay Lake, and to the outdoor essence in everyone's life, I quickly realised how unique of a place Redemption Ride had found itself.

The Queen City

As soon as you drive into the city, you notice the rich history that has been kept so well in the buildings, the people, and the culture.

"The legacy of the past, evident in the more than 350 preserved heritage buildings, mixes with a dynamic modern arts and culture scene. The huge variety in recreational activities in winter and summer attracts outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Creatives, entrepreneurs, and urban refugees will find that Nelson has more to offer than most cities twice or three times the size. Known as the “Queen City” for over one hundred years, Nelson has more lovingly restored heritage buildings per capita than anywhere else in the province."

- Nelson and Kootenay Lake Tourism

Is the history not thrilling enough for you? Well good thing it doesn't stop there!

Shredders Everywhere!

Whether it's skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding or wind surfing, majority of Nelson's people #shred. Some might call it a hobby, others a passion, and others an addiction. With some of the most popular bike trails in Canada in the summer, and some of the countries deepest powder in the winter, it is easy for any shredder to get hooked on the thrill that this place has to offer.

Redemption Ride's vision is to be a positive impact in the shred culture. Well, we are now in the center of it. What an incredible opportunity to be in the heart of backcountry sports. Now coming from the east coast definitely means that I have some work to do when it comes to learning how to ride these western mountains. However, I am ready to learn, and ready to dive into the community that has made the shred culture what it is today.

Where To Start

Due to the fact that I have started school, I haven't had much opportunity to really explore in and around the city, and discover all the other glories that Nelson has to offer. I've heard a lot about the different dinning experiences, the hikes, the night life, and that's only the beginning. I can't wait to see the opportunities that present themselves for both myself and the brand.

If you have any recommendations of things to do or see in Nelson, let me know! Or if you want me to review something in the city, I will check it out!

Who's coming out here to shred with us this winter?

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