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Our goal as a brand, is to spread a message of hope and freedom through our content and products. That doesn't happen by us just selling cool clothes. It starts with you, the people, who get to wear the clothes and are reminding yourselves and those around you that redemption is possible, in every aspect of life.


Our Ambassador program provides a unique experience where we get to support you and your growth on social media, connect you with our community of ambassadors (through our private Instagram ambassador profile), give you special offers on our gear, and free items too! All that is required of you is your constant support through posting content with our gear and sharing us with your friends.

When you are accepted you will receive an unlimited discount code of 30% off the entire store, a personalized code of 15% off for your friends, family and followers, and you will receive 5% commission from every sale made using your code.

If you are accepted, when you make your first order, we will add in some other gear like stickers and and a bracelet as a little welcome gift!

We are thrilled to have you with us! :)

Ambassador Application

To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below and we will contact you with our decision within the next few days.

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