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Jacob and Michael Murphy, The brothers behind Redemption Ride

Message From Founder

"Inspired from a dream I had while over seas, this company's goal is to carry a message of HOPE and FREEDOM to ends of this world. I believe God has such an amazing and beautiful purpose for EVERYONE and I want to make sure they all get the chance to discover it for themselves. Sometimes all people need is a second chance and a reminder that it's never too late to come back and seek redemption."

"Originating from my love for skiing and snowboarding, this brand was setting out to leave it's impact on the "shred culture". It has since then become a means to inspire any and everyone who is willing to hear our message and in turn inspire others. I hope to use my passion for actions sports as well as clothing to grow this brand in more ways than I can count." Will you help me inspire the world?

-Jacob Murphy


About us

Based out of Quebec, Canada, Redemption Ride has a mission to share the message of redemption and empower individuals to overcome life's obstacles, unleashing their full potential."
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