About us

Based out of Quebec, Canada, Redemption Ride is a continuously growing brand with the goal of spreading long lasting positivity and hope to skiers, snowboarders, surfers and skateboarders (aka the "shred culture") across the globe.

Jacob Murphy, Founder of Redemption Ride Company

Message From Founder

"Inspired from a dream I had while over seas, this company's goal is to carry a message of HOPE and FREEDOM to the shred culture of this world. I believe God has such an amazing and beautiful purpose for EVERYONE and I want to make sure they all get the chance to discover it for themselves. Sometimes all people need is a second chance and a reminder that their lives matter and it's never too late to come back and seek redemption."

"So, as someone who has skied since the age of 7, and loves all that extreme sports has to offer, I am stepping out in faith that God is going to use this company to impact this adrenaline chasing world. Will you step out with me and start spreading this message with everyone you ride with?"

-Jacob Murphy